Peace be upon you..
- Islamic Purity
”Always find it in your heart to do the right, cause it’s the only thing that will help you in this life and the here after.” - islamic purity
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Are you from Morocco ? this country is soooo amazing!

I answered:

Thanks! <3 No I’m Moroccan but I was born and raised in the Netherlands.

And I still live here in the Netherlands, but I do go there on vacation.

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Salam! Very beautiful blog! I was hoping you could let your followers know of Islamize Me on Facebook or @IslamizedMe on Twitter. I just started this page and really, it's an attempt to reach to all Muslims and non-Muslims, teaching them what is Islam and the beauty of it that is unknown to many of us. I would greatly appreciate it and would absolutely love to share your photos too. I appreciate it very much. JazakAllah! May Allah bless you! :)

I answered:

Walaikom salaam:) I just checked out your page, I normally don’t do this but I will make an exception for you:) So @ my followers check it out! & good luck. xoxo.

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you know i'm christian, but i really respect your religion and these mosques is so beautiful :)

I answered:

Hey there, thank you for this comment. I also respect your religion I think we should all respect each other. The world would be a better place ;)

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You can love something that is bad for you, but hate something that is good for you..
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